IT Consulting & Server management services

Do you live worried that your servers may go down anytime, leaving your customers furious?
Have you ever woken up in the morning with tens of missed calls from your clients because your service is down?

Are you really sure all your backups will be available and up to date if you ever need them?

A server outage can seriously and permanently harm your business. It’s not something that can be left uncovered.
Even the best providers can and have failed in the past. You must be ready for any eventuality.

What do we provide?
We provide you a better sleep. We decrease your stress. With us, you know that you have an additional layer of security, and your business will run smoother and safer.

Are you a small startup that must keep the budget low? We will help you set up your infrastructure, starting in the right way will avoid serious issues later, and can make the difference between a successful company and a good idea that unfortunately disappeared.
If you are still small, hiring a full-time server administrator is overkill and a waste of budget. But you need somebody to do that job. You need us.

Or are you a medium to big company with senior server administrators and a Disaster Recovery plan already implemented?
In this case you already know how vital it is to have a solid infrastructure. And you know a second opinion can be nothing but helpful. Maybe you may use an additional number to call, in a different time zone when your technical team is sleeping or on holiday.

We can make you save tens of thousands of euros per month.
Many companies waste a lot of money on server or cloud solutions that are not fit for their business. We can help you optimize your infrastructure, by telling you what is not needed and what instead should be improved.

Is your application loading hard, using a lot of resources, or crashing your servers?
We can help you also with that.
We are database administrators and data architects. We can do tuning on your DBs and check your applications.
We have a decade-long experience with MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Server, PHP from 5.x to 8.1, Symfony and Laravel frameworks, NodeJs, and more.

Optimizing your application may dramatically improve the user experience and your customers will feel they are using a robust, performant and secure service.

Worried about DDOS attacks? Data leaks and security vulnerabilities? Other possible risks that you don’t even know exist?
You need somebody to know where the risks are and keep your back covered. Start a collaboration with us and let us do the dirty job while you focus on the core business.